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Industry Warehouse Studio™ (IWS) for Capital Markets

The Industry Warehouse Studio for Capital Markets delivers the first pre-built business intelligence application suite for the industry structured to leverage a customer-centric data warehouse infrastructure and specifically designed to exploit the industry-specific transaction-level data in a typical capital markets organization.

The Capital Markets IWS is intended as a solution to the data fragmentation issues faced by different kinds of financial institutions ranging from Investment banks, Commercial Banks, Investment Companies, Brokers, Depository Institutions and Fund Managers. Of course, one of the key benefits of the data warehouse solution available from Sybase is that, in a complex banking group environment comprising many activities, the ability exists to integrate all of these activities into a single data infrastructure.

For financial institutions that are engaged in only some of these activities the opportunity exists to deploy those modules of the Sybase solution that are needed now with the reassurance that the system can readily expand to encompass other activities, (including retail banking, credit card management, property & casualty insurance and life insurance), should the company diversify. In this way, the first step will have been taken to manage one of the key risks faced by financial institutions; that of technological risk.

The initial focus for Capital Markets IWS is on addressing an organization's needs in terms of Risk Analysis. It provides an analytic focus on: Capital Adequacy Risk, Customer Credit Risk, Country Risk, Foreign Exchange Risk, Sectoral Risk, and Interest Rate Risk.

Learn more about IWS and other vertical models.


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