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Analytics Solutions

Sybase IQ, Sybase’s highly optimized analytics server, offers unsurpassed query response, extraordinary speed, efficient data storage and nearly limitless scalability. It’s designed to deliver faster results for mission-critical business intelligence, data warehouse and reporting solutions using standard hardware and operating systems.


A fast, reliable solution for a more efficient and productive government
The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) relies on Sybase technology for the data they supply to the U.S. DOT and the information they share with other agencies, universities and to the public.

BTS TranStats cuts the time required to process queries from a worst case of 27 hours down to 20 minutes, a 99 percent improvement. The site averages more than 25,000 hits per day and contains more than 400 tables across 100 databases, with raw data storage of roughly 2.5 TB compressed to about 1 TB using Sybase IQ. The largest BTS table exceeds 250 million rows, representing many years of transportation data, and typical query complexity is three-way joins of four tables, yet query response is near real-time. Data loading and indexing takes only 30 minutes, compared to hours with a traditional DBMS.

This high-performance Sybase IQ solution enables focused analysis and informed decision-making with:

  • A single point of fast, reliable access to disparate data
  • Consistent metadata for efficient searches
  • Online interactive analysis through tables, charts and dynamic maps
  • Selective downloads by a choice of variables
  • Automatic cross-database linkages and data standardization

Learn more about Sybase IQ and the departments and agencies that use the analytics server.

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