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Sybase Provider Solutions


Health systems, hospitals, clinical researchers and other care providers face the dual challenge of delivering the highest quality of care while finding ways to operate as efficiently as possible to survive in today’s competitive healthcare climate. In fact, as providers automate more of their processes, many are finding that they need better tools for capturing, consolidating, analyzing and simplifying the movement of information. Sybase understands these issues and offers multi-functional technology solutions that enable providers to maximize their investment and streamline their workflow. Sybase solutions for healthcare providers are focused on the following challenges:

Integration — These solutions handle HL7, proprietary formats and XML messages, protect investments in disparate systems, support large volumes of data, update multiple databases on a message-by-message basis and more.

e-Biz Impact — A healthcare message broker that provides facilities to filter incoming messages, safe-store them for guaranteed delivery, process user-defined rules for data, message transformation and enrichment, as well as enable dynamic routing to any number of destination systems.

Analytics — High performance solutions designed for analytics and data mining enable healthcare providers and clinical researchers to harness the data generated by EMR and transactional systems to better evaluate clinical effectiveness, streamline processes, and improve quality of care.

  • Sybase IQ — The market’s leading column-based analytics server removes the limits to complex ad hoc analytics involving massive amounts of data.
  • Industry Warehouse Studio for Healthcare Analytics — Pre-built business intelligence application suite for the healthcare industry structured to leverage a customer-centric data warehouse infrastructure. This solution is specifically designed to exploit the transaction-level data in a typical healthcare organization.

HIPAA — These solutions address HIPAA regulations and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) mandates.

Sybase Solutions for Medical Device Integration — Since 1997, Sybase has partnered with some of the world's leading medical device vendors, providing medical device integration (MDI) services for the management and interfacing of point-of-care, laboratory and other connected medical devices.

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