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How do I become certified?

Professional certification is the result of education, experience, and exams...

  • You first gain an understanding of the product through recommended education courses.
  • Next, you learn to apply this knowledge through experience.
  • When you're ready, you register for and take required certification exams at a testing center near you.
  • After passing the required exams, you become certified by Sybase and receive industry-recognized credentials, such as an ID card, certificate and use of the official certification logo. We recommend that you review the latest program information available from Sybase and Study Guidelines documents. Then, if you have questions, call 1-800-8-SYBASE (1-800-879-2273) or your local Sybase Authorized Education Partner.

Where can I get more information on professional certification?
Contact Sybase at 1-800-8-SYBASE (1-800-879-2273), and select menu option 2 for Education/Certification information.

Where can I get information on exam pricing, length, availability and location? How do I register?
  • Check the list of existing exams in each product certification area for price, length and availability.

Can I retake the exam?

Sybase allows you to retake an exam. Any candidate who fails a Sybase exam twice, must wait 30 days before taking the exam a third time. An exam taken within the 30 day waiting period is considered null and void. Even if you pass the exam, if you took it within the 30 day waiting period, you must retake the exam in order to be certified.

Sybase encourages you to make use of the diagnostic feedback supplied with the exam score report to review the performance areas that need further study. You may take a Maintenance/Migration exam no more than four times, after which you must fulfill the certification requirements as a new candidate for the desired certification. There is no discount price for retaking an exam. The fee is the same as the initial exam fee.

Do I have to attend training courses?
  • Training is not required to become certified. However, attending Sybase Authorized Education courses is strongly recommended. ItÂ’s the best way to gain a complete understanding of product capabilities. Gaining a full understanding of the technology not only increases your chance of passing exams, but significantly shortens your learning curve and helps you achieve career success more quickly. Information regarding Sybase Authorized Education courses is available at 1-800-8-SYBASE (1-800-879-2273), select menu option 2 for certification exams.
  • Self-study products help you reinforce many concepts learned in Sybase Authorized Education courses and assist with preparing for exams. However, they are not recommended as the sole source of education. Also note that study questions do not necessarily reflect specific exam items/questions that you will see on exams.

Are there any books/software to help prepare for exams?
  • At this time, there are no "certification exam preparation" books or software developed by Sybase. There are a number of third-party products on the market. Sybase cannot provide a recommendation regarding the usefulness for exam preparation.
  • Reviewing and understanding the topics outlined in the Study Guides - through a combination of Sybase Authorized Education courses and experience - is the best way to prepare.

Do I have to get experience before taking exams? How much?
  • Hands-on experience is critical before taking Sybase certification exams. Learning to apply what you learned in class to solving real-life problems significantly enhances your ability to use the product and retain the knowledge you learned. As a result, you're better prepared to pass the exam. Check out the recommended courses for each certification.
  • The amount of hands-on experience needed varies significantly from one person to the next. This is impacted by many variables, such as the amount of related knowledge and experience you already have in client/server technology, and your own learning style. Sybase recommends that you use the Study Guides to gauge your own needs. In other words, when you feel comfortable with the topics outlined in the Study Guidelines, you're probably ready to take the exam.

Do I have to take all exams at the same location, or in the same country?
No. The exam simply needs to be taken at an authorized testing center. All exam results are transmitted from the testing center to Sybase. Certifications and credentials are then awarded and mailed by Sybase, not by the testing center.

When will I get my exam results?

For all standard Sybase Certified exams, results are available to you immediately upon completing your exam at the test center. Do not leave the test center without your score report. There are two exceptions:

  • Results from all beta exams are mailed automatically to participants 8-10 weeks after the close of the beta period.
  • The PowerBuilder Professional exam is reviewed and graded by Sybase. Sybase automatically mails the results directly to you within 8-10 weeks.

You will either receive diagnostic feedback and your score report immediately after the exam at the exam center or, if you are taking the CPD Professional Application exam, you will receive your score report from Sybase in approximately 8-10 weeks.

There is no fixed percentage of individuals who will either pass or fail the exam. Passing an exam depends only on your performance relative to the established standards set by Sybase Certified Professional Program. It is very difficult to pass the exams without experience with Sybase products.

Your score is automatically forwarded to Sybase. Please keep a copy of all exam verification reports for your records.

Raw cut and percentage scoring on certification exams:
The test vendor reports exam results as a "raw cut score". The raw cut score does not convert directly into a percentage score. The raw cut score is based on a 200 point minimum and a 1000 point maximum, giving an 800 point range. With 600 of the possible 800 points being 75%, this translates into a raw cut score of 800 (score added to the 200 point minimum).
Many certification exams require a minimum passing score of 75%, which is a raw cut score of 800.

Once I meet the requirements for certification, when do I get my ID card and Certificate of Achievement?
You should allow about 6 weeks after successfully passing the last required exam. Allow 8 weeks after the close of the beta period and 8 weeks for the PowerBuilder Professional exam.

Who can I contact to verify that an individual is certified?

Is there support for non-English speaking countries?
Sybase offers exams worldwide. Check the list of Prometric Testing Centers.

For More Information:

Please contact Sybase Education at 1-800-8-SYBASE (1-800-879-2273) or your local Sybase Authorized Education Partner.
Outside North America, call 510-922-3555.

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